Texas Stealth K9 Kennel Club

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When in today to talk about a new dog and was so amazed on how they run there place of bizz and how they not only work with Cop K9 but all kinds of breads and was sold can Waite to take my new one home
I had my dog trained with them for obedience, and I really can't say enough good things about their training program! My girl was scared of many things and didn't listen well because she was too fearful. They were able to desensitize her to the things that scared her (showing her loud noises wouldn't hurt her) so they could focus on her obedience. I'm extremely pleased with the results and would recommend them to anyone needing a trainer!
I purchased a puppy from them and the dog is nothing less then awesome. He was exactly what I was looking for a stable confident but compliant intelligent dog. A lot of drive and fear of nothing with a hunger to work and learn. This 8 week old puppy already learned heel, sit down and place!

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