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Get The Best When It Comes to Belgian Malinois
Get The Best When It Comes to Belgian Malinois
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Bred To Be The Best
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Texas Stealth Obedience Training

Texas Stealth K9 is made up of several individuals, trainers, handlers, and co-owners. We would love the opportunity to help train your dog. We work together to improve every interaction your dog will have. The primary objective of Texas Stealth K9 is to advocate in every possible way, the prevailing improvement of dogs.

All dogs benefit from positive training and handling. Texas Stealth K9 works with you to encourage your dog and help correct problem behaviors. Strong leader characteristics in dog owners build enriched bonds with their companions and are important for development and well-being.

Our services include: quick responses to being called, waiting at doors and respecting boundaries, going into crates on command, modifying behavioral issues, sitting when asked, staying in position, heeling at your side during walks, lying down when told, protection, obedience, and bite work.

Pet Dogs Learning the Ropes

Your dogs learn to listen to your command around other pups and distractions.

Board and Train Program

Our obedience training board program lasts two weeks. Within those two weeks, we work with all the behavioral issues that need attention. Your pup will perfect Heel, Sit, Down, Come, and Stay among many others! During the two week board and training session, you will receive videos of your dog's progress. Texas Stealth K9 accepts your student pups at our location and we also offer pick-up services at no extra cost.

After your dog has completed our obedience training program, you are invited to unlimited refresher training sessions for the life of the dog to ensure proper communication through all stages of life.

Call (832) 469-1693 to see how we can help turn an excitable dog into a your reliable best friend!

Room Full of Pups Holding a Down Stay

Seven of our student pups staying focused on a down stay with a variety of distractions.

Benefits to Dog Training

Behavior Correction:
Bring your dog on any adventure after a little behavior correction! An excitable dog can be difficult to mangage in new or stressful places. When your dog walks calmly on leash and is comfortable in new places, each outing becomes a special joy for you both.

Dogs of All Ages and Breeds:
You can teach old dogs new tricks. Texas Stealth K9 will work with all ages and breeds. Working with puppies and young dogs helps work out the problem behaviors while they are still learning.

Grow with your Fur Family:
Training builds confidence in your dog and strengthens your bond together. Confident dogs are stable and relaxed. We teach you to communicate with your dog in ways they can understand and trust.

Have questions? Call us today at (832) 469-1693!

Breeding Belgian Malinois

As well as training, Texas Stealth K9 are proud breeders of Belgian Malinois, Doberman, and Dutch Shepherds. These breeds are exceptionally good with other children, pets, and livestock. Today, they also work as police dogs, protection dogs, and family companions. In the hands of an experienced dog person, they are intense, intelligent, and athletic companions. All of our dogs are papered, dewormed and up-to-date on shots.

Call (832) 469-1693 to see how we can help turn an excitable dog into a your reliable best friend!

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What Our Customers Are Saying

I purchased a puppy from them and the dog is nothing less then awesome. He was exactly what I was looking for a stable confident but compliant intelligent dog. A lot of drive and fear of nothing with a hunger to work and learn. This 8 week old puppy already learned heel, sit down and place!
Sheena Glazer in Houston, TX